A Christmas Experience

I’ve seen many Christmas’ and talked to many people and without fail there always seems to be someone in every family who is “difficult to buy for”.

My family is no exception, for me it is my father.  I’ve always struggled with what to get him for birthdays, Christmas’ and even Fathers Day.  Whenever I get into a gift situation like this I think back to what one of my previous employers said to me, “If you can’t think of something to give them that they’ll use, then give them an experience instead.”

I look back on the gifts I’ve given my father since then and I can truly say that he has enjoyed them more than the many (many) times I’ve just grabbed something last minute and ‘Dadish’ off a shop shelf.  It is a technique which I have extended to other members of my family also; a hot air balloon ride for my father’s 50th birthday; a week away on holiday with my mother in Australia for her 50th.  These gifts of experiences and time seem to bring the most joy to my family.

Last Christmas we shouted my parents a tour of their choice when they next visited us in Dunedin.  They chose the Dunedin Gourmet Taster Tour, which was a brand new product at that time.  Janine cleared her schedule, I arranged a day off work and we both went on the tour with them.  It was great to sit back and enjoy the tour as well as the company of my parents for the day.

My parents enjoyed their tour so much they bought my aunty Dunedin Gourmet Taster gift vouchers for her recent birthday.

A Tasty Tours Gift Voucher can be bought for any of our tours and allow the recipient to choose their own schedule, or you can book a tour up to a year in advance for a special day or event.

So before you grab a “good enough” gift for someone, stop and think.  Whether it is your father or someone else who is difficult to buy for, an experience they will remember may be the best gift you’ve ever given them.

Tasty Tours Gift Vouchers can be purchased for any of our tours and are valid for a year.

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